Healthcare Marketing Recruiters


Healthcare Marketing Recruiters - Healthcare Marketing Isn't What it Used to Be!


These days everybody needs people who know how to market everything in the healthcare space.


With a decade of experience as healthcare marketing recruiters, we have always been up to date on the latest trends. We’re spot on when it comes to recognizing our client's rapidly changing needs.


There is an increasing demand for advertisers and marketers with innovative thinking skills, knowledge of artifical intelligence, and digital trends. We have the largest network of talent who know how to promote: pharmaceuticals of course, as well as DTC, HCT, OTC, medical education, wellness, generics, devices, diagnostics, hospitals, biologics, genetic testing, patients and professionals and gene therapy.


Our Mission


At Karen Tripi Healthcare Marketing Recruiters, we want to give you exactly what you ask for.  Our search success rate is 100% and we intend to keep it that way..